Common SD Card Problems

Problem One: The first thing to consider is that it isn't the SD card that is broken at all, but the card reader you are trying to use. If the card is still working when inside the camera then it's likely that the card reader in your computer is the broken factor. A quick fix for this problem would be to connect the device straight to the computer. Most cameras will also come with a cable for this purpose.

Another way to test this is to try a different SD card in your computer. If this one doesn't work either then the reader is at fault. If it does then the SD card is the problem.

Problem Two: You may have formatted the card to work on a single device and therefore it is unreadable to any other devices. For example, if you are trying to use it in a phone it may have been formatted for a device your phone doesn't support. Unfortunately the only way to combat this problem is to reformat the card for the new device, although this will also delete any data that is on the card.

Problem Three: The write-protection switch might be set to lock. This means you won't be able to modify the data on the card, such as deleting, editing or adding to the card. Just flick the little switch found on the side of the card and try again. 

Problem Four: Sometimes SD cards simply get old and damaged. Extensive use, exposure to high temperatures or humidity can cause a card failure. General use can cause wear on the card and cause failures. SD cards are fairly cheap to replace nowadays, although if your photos are left on the failed card you might be looking at losing them. Unfortunately only specialist companies can retrieve this data for you. Like us! We have a high success rate when it comes to SD card data recoveries. So get in touch if you're having any issues.




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