Continued Hard Drive Inspection Triage Assessment

Hard Drive Recovery Tick On receipt your media is photographed, bar-coded and entered onto our system.

Hard Drive Recovery Tick The 'triage' team will then assess the state of the media and diagnose the problem.

Hard Drive Recovery Tick If clean room intervention is required the media moves to specialist teams in stage two.

Continued Hard Drive Inspection Specialist Assessment

Hard Drive Recovery Tick The failure is re-analysed and spare donor parts obtained from our own stock library.

Hard Drive Recovery Tick The media is imaged and the data recovered onto an external hard drive or flash media.

Hard Drive Recovery Tick Recovered data is verified against the original media and files are randomly tested.

Upon receiving your RAID array, we will conduct a comprehensive and non-intrusive evaluation to determine the cause of your data loss.

If the data cannot be recovered during this 'triage' service, one of our specialist teams will then assume responsibility for the recovery. This is a no obligation service so if we cannot recover your data, or you decline the pay absolutely nothing. What's more...we will return your media free of charge. 

Our Facilities

With state of the art ISO Class 100 Certified clean rooms, 100 channels on our PC-3000s, stereoscopic microscopes and UDMA software, we really do have the best facilities in the UK. What's more... our facilities comply with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Guidelines for Electronic Evidence and ISO 27001 (Information Security).

Our Experience

Our technicians represent some of the best digital intelligence minds in the UK. Trained to the highest standards with the latest in data recovery technology, we have Chaired ISO Committees for magnetic storage and acted as expert witness in many high profile legal disputes. Our dedicated research team ensure we are always abreast of the latest digital technology.

Our Free Evaluation

Pay nothing until you know what is recoverable. We won't ask for a single penny until you give us go-ahead. Our free diagnostic evaluation will determine the problem and give you a price to recover the data along with a file listing of recoverable files.

Our Clients

Over the years, we have built up a reputable client base due to our commitment to high quality, hassle-free data recovery services. Clients such as AstraZeneca, NHS and Barclays Bank trust us with their important data.


How Our Data Recovery Evaluation Works.
Data Recovery Free Assessment
No Obligation

We understand that you need to know what costs are involved until you can make a decision, which is why our quote is no obligation.

Data Recovery Process
Free Shipping

If you decide not to proceed or want a second opinion, we will return your hard disk drive or media absolutely free of charge.

Data Recovery Expert
Non Intrusive

Our data recovery evaluation is non intrusive, so you can get a second opinion secure in the knowledge that the media hasn't been altered.

Data RecoveryFree Assessment

We are often told by clients that our service is better value and more cost effective than other quotes they have received.

Data Recovery Process
Fast Turnaround

Your hard disk drive or media will receive our utmost priority as soon as it arrives, with a 'triage' team ready 24:7:365.

Data Recovery Expert

Our data recovery process conforms to strict ISO protocols for information management, ensuring your media is completely safe.





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