RAID Recovery Specialists are experts at recovering data from every type of RAID array.

Whether RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 or even virtual machines, we offer a completely transparent data recovery service, all the way through the process, from evaluation to the return of your data. 

RAID Data Recovery

If your array has degraded, hard disk drives have physically failed or you are experiencing RAID controller issues, our specialist RAID recovery team are on hand 24:7:365 to get your server up and running again in no time at all!

RAID Controller Failure

A RAID controller will support a specific array and the meta-data corresponds with a particular controller. A failure means that the controller will refuse to distribute data throughout the original hard drives.

VMware Data Recovery

We work closely with VMware support services to understand the complexities of virtual machines and how to restore and rebuild corrupted and reformatted VMware VMFS volumes.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

If your hard disk drive cannot be accessed and is making unusual noises, chances are you will need a data recovery expert! The symptoms your hard drive is exhibiting may give you some indication of the failure.

Recovering Data From All Leading Manufacturers And Virtualisation Software
Seagate Data Recovery
Fujitsu Data Recovery
Iomega Data Recovery
Maxtor Data Recovery
Toshiba Data Recovery
WD Data Recovery
VMware Data Recovery
Power VM data Recovery
Citrix VM Data Recovery
Oracle VM Data Recovery
VirtualBox Data Recovery
Power VM Data Recovery



Our Data Recovery Resources.
Data RecoveryFree Assessment

The PC-3000 is a hardware and software solution for diagnosing and repairing several SATA and IDE hard drives consecutively.

Data Recovery Process
Chip Off Technology

JTAG and chip off readers allow our technicians to recover data from mobile phones and NAND flash memory chips.

Data Recovery Expert
UDMA Software

UDMA used in conjunction with the PC-3000 is a data extractor designed for recovering data from hard and solid state drives.

Data RecoveryFree Assessment
Clean Room

Our clean room houses twelve technicians and eliminates dust to no more than 100 particles per cubic foot of air.

Data Recovery Process
Parts Library

Donor parts are often necessary for a successful recovery and we currently stock 14,344 hard and solid state drives.

Data Recovery Expert
Forensic Software

In addition to UDMA software, we have a range of forensic suites and hex editors including EnCase, FTK and X-Ways.





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