We work closely with VMware support services to understand the complexities of virtual machines and how to restore and rebuild corrupted and reformatted VMware VMFS volumes.

With virtualisation becoming ever more popular, businesses can enjoy the IT agility, flexibility and scalability of virtual machines. Virtualisation allows a single server or host to operate as numerous ''virtual' servers. The hardware is configured as a RAID and is therefore subject to the standard causes of data loss associated with an array of multiple disks. However, virtualisation complicates the data recovery process. Data loss can occur in many situations including:

• Virus/malware infection through an external source
• Immediate termination of VMDK files without properly saving
• Unexpected system shutdown damaging open files

VMDK files are prone to corruption, and recovering a VMDK file is a lengthy process. These files contain the entire contents of the disk. Any errors in the data recovery process will often lead to total data loss. This is why itis crucial to repair the VMDK file in order to save all the data.

Our statistics for last year

hard drive data recovery tick  134 RAID arrays were received for diagnostic evaluation.
  hard drive data recovery tick 23 virtual machines were recovered where others had failed..
  hard drive data recovery tick 99% data recovery success rate for RAID systems.
  hard drive data recovery tick 14,322 spare parts catalogued and stored in our RAID library.


Reformatted VMware 'Datastore'

Whether you've rebuilt your RAID array and the 'Datastore is now missing, or accidentally reformatted the VMFS partition, you'll have lost your data. Your options are to carve out the VMDK you need or attempt a raw recovery of the data.

Corrupt virtual disk (VMDK)

As handy as VMs are, they are volatile and are more prone to corruption. If your host machine restarts expectedly, a hard dik is failing, or the VM is not shut down properly, you may experience issues. ou may be able to reboot your VM OS in a clean state by deleting the corrupt files.  

Corrupt VMFS Datastore volumes

If your VMFS volume is not mounting, ESX service console or Direct console (ESXi) may help. Otherwise, VMFS recovery is the only way to access the volume by direct disk access. 

RAID and hardware failures

Virtualisation hardware is configured in a RAID array and is therefore prone to all the usual RAID data loss senarios, such as multiple disk failure, malware and user error. 


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