RAID systems are a configuration of multiple disks that present themselves as a single storage medium, and like all mechanical devices can break down. RAID controller failure is a common problem, which can cause booting problems. Most RAID servers rely on a single controller to direct the array's options, which can occasionally fail. Individual partition disks in the RAID can become corrupted and stop working, causing the partition to become unusable, and if a RAID volume isn't rebuilt correctly, there can be problems accessing the data.

When you experience a RAID failure it's important first and foremost to turn off the array immediately. The more you run the array in a degraded state, the less chance there is of recovering data. When a drive in a RAID fails, the data on the failed drive must be rebuilt from the parity data on the remaining, active drives. All of our work is carried out in class 100 clean rooms to ensure an environment free of contaminants.

Our specialist RAID data recovery team operate 24:7:365 reconstructing corrupted arrays with the latest technology. They can identify and rebuild all RAID configuration including RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 1E, 4, 5, 5R, 6 JBOD...and more. We also support all RAID controllers, RAID enabled motherboards, software RAIDs, dynamic disks, virtual machines and VMWare.

Our statistics for last year

hard drive data recovery tick  134 RAID systems were received for diagnostic evaluation.
  hard drive data recovery tick 23 virtual machines were recovered where others had failed.
  hard drive data recovery tick 99% data recovery success rate for RAID systems.
  hard drive data recovery tick 14,322 spare parts catalogued and stored in our RAID library.

Failed Controller

A failed controller can be identified by a solid amber light on the RAID controller status LED. 

RAID Not Found

Upon starting up the computer, you may see an error that says 'RAID not found'. This might indicate a RAID controller failure or configuration issue. 

Blue Screen

This is a signal that the drives are not synchronizing. This is known as BSOD and if it only happens once without repetition then it is just a hardware blockage. If it repeats chances are there is a serious problem with one of the hard disk drives.

Error Warning Messages

Warning messages generated by your RAID manager should indicate not just an imminent failure but also which units are failing. You can set up remote warning to email or SMS, so that failing units can be replaced immediate 24:7:365.

Files Or File Structure Is Corrupted

If the BIOS can recognise the hard drive, but cannot access the data or mount the partition, logical failure is most likely. Chances of a successful outcome are good, providing no data recovery software has been run on the hard disk drive  


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