In hardware based RAID a physical controller manages the array of disks and distributes the data and are generally PCI cards. However if the controller uses the hardware resources of the host system (CPU and DRAM), the controller may be software only, but the functionality is limited.

The type of failure will determine our approach to the recovery. Regardless of the failure it is important to note that the data remains unaltered, but inaccessible. Hopefully the block level striping with distributed parity, providing inherent 'redundancy' will restore the data with the controller automatically. If this doesn't work you need to investigate specialist data recovery. 

Our data recovery tools extract the data from corrupted, broken, or formatted RAID drives. Irrespective of the configuration, whether a software-based or a hardware-based failed RAID controller, we can select what to recover, calculate the RAID parameters, reconstruct the RAID and restore the data in an accessible form. . 

Our statistics for last year

hard drive data recovery tick  134 RAID arrays were received for diagnostic evaluation.
  hard drive data recovery tick 23 virtual machines were recovered where others had failed..
  hard drive data recovery tick 99% data recovery success rate for RAID systems.
  hard drive data recovery tick 14,322 spare parts catalogued and stored in our RAID library.

Power Surge or Outage

Controller malfunctions and failures are amongst the most usual types of data loss. These are often caused by power surges. This is why it’s so important to choose the right surge protection.

Improper Reconstruction

Improper reconstruction of the array itself can lead to controller failure. Creating new RAID on old drives, overwriting data and removing more than one disk at a time can all lead to data loss.  

Server Connection Broken

If the server connection is broken, or the server crashes, the RAID controller may fail. The data will remain unaltered yet inaccessible.

Multiple Disk Failure

RAID 5 offers block level striping with 'redundancy'. However where more than one drive fails the data cannot be restored automatically by the controller and this in turn may lead to controller failure.


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