Four stage data recovery process

RAID Recovery Specialists is fully ISO9001 certified so you can rest assured all internal processes and procedures are of the very highest standards. These processes and policies have been honed over the past 15 years and each piece of media we receive goes through the same four stages of assessment to ensure all data is recovered first time, every time.

Hard Drive Inspection

The initial assessment team analyses every piece of media to determine its state. Following this, both the diagnosis and information provided by the client is analysed before deciding whether to proceed with the recovery or, in the event that the problem is deemed to be complex, move to stage two.

Continued Hard Drive Inspection

The Continued Assessment team re-analyses the disk to confirm the initial assessment. Based on these extended diagnostics the drive is either recovered or allocated to stage three.

Post Hard Drive Inspection

The team running stage three are involved in highly complex and unique work that cannot be handled by stages one and two. As the work that is undertaken by this team is often unprecedented, the team incorporates a strong Research and Development ethic and are dedicated to developing new and more effective recovery techniques which can be utilised at stages one and two.

backup and Verification of Hard Drive Inspection

Here, the customer is informed of what data can be recovered and is provided with a quote. Their data is then secured and audited against the original media in order to ensure that the backup that we undertake is correct.

Our Facilities

All data recoveries are performed in an ISO Class 100 Certified clean room environment, in accordance with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines for handling electronic evidence

Our Experience

Our technicians are trained to the highest standards with the latest in data recovery technology. What's more...we have a dedicted research team to ensure we can always recover your data no matter what.

Our Free Evaluation

We don't ask for a single penny from anyone until they give the go-ahead on a job. Upon receiving your hard drive, we will perform a free evaluation and give you a no-obligation quote to complete the data recovery.

Our Clients

Over the years, we have built up a reputable client base due to our commitment to high quality, hassle-free data recovery services. We think that our long and varied client list speaks volumes about us





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