PC3K channels, UDMA software and clean rooms

We have a number of tools to facilitate the quick repair of media that has suffered physical damage. From standard equipment such as soldering irons and stereoscopic microscopes to more complex facilities such as our state-of-the-art clean lab within which our technicians can work on your media within an environment entirely free of contaminants.

The need to replace faulty components of various media can cause significant delays with other data recovery companies. RAID Recovery Specialists, though, are dedicated to returning your data to you as quickly as possible and therefore maintain a library of more than 14,000 spare and donor parts for all manner of media. We employ staff who are responsible for maintaining this library and ensuring that it is fully stocked at all times so, whatever part may be required, our technicians have immediate access to it.

hard drive data recovery tick  100 channels for our PC-3000 data extractors 

hard drive data recovery tick  JTAG technology and chip off readers

hard drive data recovery tick  UDMA data recovery software 

hard drive data recovery tick  Class 100 data recovery clean room for 12 technicians

hard drive data recovery tick  Donor parts library with 14,322 spares

hard drive data recovery tick  Hex editors and specialist data forensics tools

Our Facilities

Our data recovery facilities are state of the art. With over 100 dedicated PC3K channels, Class 100 clean rooms, JTAG technology and forensic software, RAID Recovery Specialists really do lead the industry in data recovery facilities.  

Our Experience

Our technicians are trained in house to deal with some of the most complex data recovery issues. Our dedicated research team ensure that we stay ahead of technology and that we can always recover your data no matter what.

Our Free Evaluation

Unlike some other data recovery companies, we will complete a free diagnostic evaluation and give you a no-obligation quote to complete the data recovery. Of course if you decide not to proceed, we will return your media absolutely free of charge.

Our Clients

With clients including the NHS, MOD and Barclays Bank, you can be rest assured that your data is safe in our hands. 

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